TROTBritain Le TROT Aged Horse Series 2017

The conditions for the Le Trot races for Aged horses will be much the same as at the end of 2016. However, after looking at the distribution of monies won among the horses likely to race in 2017 - and the fact that we do not have many new ones - we will make one change. The aim is to provide better opportunities for mid-range horses. 

This change will be in addition to staging some conditioned races, such as for ‘non-winners in last 5 starts’. These will not be announced far in advance.

The change

We previously had one main threshold at £3500 and intermediate ones at £1750 in non-threshold races only and £5500 in threshold races only. 

In 2017, we will run 3 types of race, not 2.

Low: for horses under 3500, with 20 trail at 1750 [this is the old non-threshold race]

Intermediate: for horses between 1750 and 5500, with 20 trail at 3500 [this is the new type of race for which horses under 1750 or over 5500 are ineligible]

High: for horses 3500 or over, with 20 trail at 5500 [this is the old threshold race]

Entries will determine which type of race/s are carded at a meeting.

Note that there are no grades of horse, just types of race.

Preferred draw on Le Trot monies won, unless otherwise stated.

After listening to feedback, we have decided that the 5for5 system is too demanding, so we will move to a 3for3 requirement. There is, however, nothing to stop someone making a 4for4 or 5for5 payment if they wish to do so to save transactions.