TROTBritain Le TROT 3yo Championship 2017 – a £120,000 Series

3yo prizemoney.png

Ready, Aim, ….

We are now just a month away from the first possible heats – at York and Amman Valley on Bank Holiday Monday 1 May, IF there are a minimum of six entries. Tir Prince offers the next opportunity at their opening meeting on May 6. So get your horse qualified asap! (2.22 on a hard track)

Here are the basic arrangements.


3yo Championship Heats: Nothing to pay. We deduct the entry fee from prizemoney at payout. Since all unplaced horses get the equivalent of the entry fee in prizemoney the net cost of running is zero.

3yo Championship Finals (9th September at Tir Prince): Nothing to pay. Full payment has been made in the horse purchase.

Qualification for the Gold, Silver and Bronze finals on the 9th of September: fields of 8, 8 and 8

Qualification will be based on the total amount of money won by a horse in its five most remunerative heats, ignoring the entry fee. Where there is a tie on this criterion, number of wins (irrespective of field size) will be used as tie-breaker, then number of seconds, then thirds. Ultimately lots will be drawn.

Because heats will only be run when there are six or more entries, there can be no guarantee that a horse will have five runs, unless it is entered sufficiently often during the early and middle stages of the series.

There is no cap on the number of heat runs, but if eliminations are necessary, number of past heat runs will be used. However, a horse will not be eliminated more than once unless its number of runs have increased by two since its last elimination.

Heats gate positions will be on preferred basis - monies won in series, less the 180 entry fees.

Finals gate positions will be full Ballot for Position. This ballot may be done in advance if it is desirable for publicity/press purposes.

Heats and Finals prizemoney (see photo)

The principle is that horses 5-8 in a final should receive at least the prizemoney of the fourth horse in the next lowest final.

Heats will be run wherever a track has agreed to do so (see coming post). Minimum 6 entries. The number of heats run will be entirely dependent on entries, but we expect about 30. Since the average prizemoney per heat should be around £2,000, the total purses for 30 heats will be around £60,000. Adding this to the £60,000 for the finals, the entire series will be worth about £120,000.


Bonne chance à tous ! (Good luck to everyone)