Formal disclaimer

Buyers have commissioned TROTBritain to select a number of horses from a list inscribed with Le Trot. The selected horses are to be allocated by lot. 

The overall price of the horse includes any VAT due, as well as its bulk transport to a number of specified points in Britain, where it is the responsibility of the owner or representative to be present to collect and sign for the horse.

From the moment a horse is drawn by a buyer in the lottery, he or she becomes the owner of the horse. 

TROTBritain will arrange a very basic VET check just before the horses are loaded in France and any horse not passing this will not be loaded. It will, however, formally remain the property of the new owner. TROTBritain will take up the condition of the horse with Le Trot. 

Horse’s travel at the new owner’s risk. If a buyer wishes to opt out of the attractive bulk arrangement and arrange their own transport from France they are free to do so. However, there will be no reduction in the price as the built-in cost is based on the bulk transport deal.

Please ensure that TROTBritain has the most appropriate mobile number, email address and bank account details for use at this time and throughout the season.