Crunch time!!

Get in touch NOW if you don’t want to miss out on having a 3yo for our exciting £60,000 series, with heats around the country, plus the inaugural £10,000 Le Trot Derby. Or maybe you would prefer an Aged horse to run at Appleby, Ceredigion, Musselburgh, and Tregaron as well as Tir Prince, York, Amman Valley and Chelmsford. Time to act!

The initial list of 49 3yos that we could look at on our second visit (starting March 13) has 33 fillies, 7 colts and 9 geldings. It includes the progeny of leading stallions such as Sam Bourbon, Ganymede, Prince Gede, Echo, Kiwi and Defi d'Aunou.

Of the 33 fillies,13 are 1st category for breeding, So again I suggest you seriously consider having a filly, if you have originally gone for a gelding (or colt) The quality of the fillies is naturally higher on average, because of the much higher price Le Trot offers the owner. We pay the same for fillies as for geldings or colts., so the fillies are an even better bargain.